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Public services

Although we are a highly professional, exceptional workplace, we have decided to offer you some of our services as part of our social responsibility. We are not expanding our portfolio of main activities. On the contrary, they are additional activities which we want to engage in by making friendly use of any remaining time capacities of our facilities.

What is included in our offer?

Revitalization of your film archive

Many families and organizations (including companies) have a variety of film images. These films may be of amateur as well as professional quality (most often they are somewhere in between). We can transfer these traditional analog images to current digital media.

In addition, we can offer you a premiere screening of these transferred film clips for up to 20 people in our projection halls. After many years, you can restore memories of your loved ones and of times gone by and still enjoy them thanks to film footage.
As an exceptional offer, we can organize an event (e.g. birthday or anniversary of the establishment of an organization / firm) which will consist of:

  • Premiere screening of transferred films with some light entertainment,
  • A sitting at a nearby cinema-pub (with the option of film screenings / fairy tales for children in the local cinema hall),
  • An excursion with a walk around the film studios.

The time when the Zlín studios were one (or two companies for a period) is irretrievably gone. There are now a number of companies based here. Fortunately, most are part of the film industry.

As experts in the field and as a company that has been operating the longest and most continuously, we would like to offer you an excursion which consists of:

  • A short walk through the film studio complex,
  • A brief insight into the operations of the film laboratories,
  • A visit to the Cabinet of Film History (in agreement with the companies Produkční Dům and FILMFEST),
  • A demonstration of historical recording and reproduction film technology,
  • This may include (but need not be) a film screening,
  • You can end your afternoon at the film studios by sitting in the cinema-pub


Martin Pášma
T. 778 047 541